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tv   American Morning  CNN  June 9, 2011 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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how does that play into the u.s. ability to do this in yemen? >> well, i think both the united states and al qaeda in a sense are taking advantage of the power vacuum that exists in yemen. al qaeda obviously thrives in chaotic environments. and there's some reporting indicating that they have taken a town in southern yemen. they're unlikely to take power in the country. they're a relatively small group. but similarly the united states sees that al qaeda is taking advantage of the situation and i'm christine romans. is essentially going forward here's what's happening on this with a set of policies including "american morning." the u.s. reportedly conducting a drones and unusually fighter secret war in yemen, jets essentially to make sure intensifying its air assault on that they can't take control. military groups using armed i don't think they're asking drones and fighter jets to keep anybody's permission for this. al qaeda from rising to power the agreement that exists with there. i'm kiran chetry. saleh is now sort of moot in a it took about 30 hours for a new sense. i thing the post-saleh era has photo of congressman anthony weiner to surface on the web. begun in yemen. even his allies on capitol hill he's much more severely injured are bailing on this "american morning." than was initially portrayed. this is not a few scratches. he said he was going to step
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down three times already. and now he's been forced out of welcome to "american the country. morning." good morning, everybody. it's thursday, june 9th. and so clearly this is an effort >> we're talking about the 30 hours, andrew breitbart who as barbara was reporting, to broke the story said he had this make sure that this group, which photo on our air. >> an explicit photo. poses quite a threat, you know, >> that he was choosing not to is really ground down in the release publicly for the sake of next several months. >> just quickly both of you can weiner's family, yet it's out. answer this, peter first, what >> 30 hours is all it took for about the worries of the u.s. it to be sweeping across the taking unilateral action yet internet. a lot of people opening up their again in a country like yemen as facebook and getting links to it it relates to the rest of the and the like. middle east and the other three the united states reportedly ramping up air strikes against theeate overs war we're in right al qaeda in yemen. now. >> i think it's sort of a "the new york times" is reporting that the obama nonissue. administration is waging a people in yemen have got -- this covert war on military targets is essentially three civil wars using fighter jets as well as going on simultaneously. armed drones. and they've got bigger things to barbara starr is live at the worry about than the united pentagon this morning. a huge power vacuum in yemen states right now. it's interesting as panetta goes to testify on the hill that the right now. a double-edged sword for the united states military is white house. >> reporter: indeed. involved in five separate wars good morning to both of you. we know that the u.s. military in five muslim countries. fairly unusual moment in had been training yemeni forces, american history.
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we know there had been air >> reporter: i think that peter's absolutely right. strikes. panetta's going to make the case "the new york times" reporting that al qaeda in yemen does pose those air strikes have now a direct threat to the united resumed. this is so critical because the u.s. intelligence community has states and that's what makes are very concerned since the this situation so different. >> barbara starr and peter killing of osama bin laden that bergen, thanks so much for al qaeda in yemen was going to start trying to gain strength illuminating us on that story with new money, new funding, no out of yemen today. a lot of new developments in recruits and take advantage also the anthony weiner sexting of the unrest in that very scandal as well as more house troubled country, the violent democrats turn their backs on anti-government demonstrations. the congressman. all of this providing a vacuum six calling for him to step down. for al qaeda in yemen to fill. "the new york times" is also reporting that his wife huma and that is part of the concern abedin, a top aide to hillary here. "the new york times" reporting clinton, is pregnant. there have been more air strikes a source also says that weiner now and that some al qaeda operatives have been killed. called former president bill clinton to express his regrets you know, later this morning for his actions. leon panetta will be on capitol all this happening as this hill for his confirmation hearings as secretary of has surfaced. the explicit photo of anthony defense. we have an advanced look at some of what he'll be talking about. weiner's anatomy because of opie and he has submitted a statement to the committee about the and anthony. situation in yemen. they captured it off of andrew i want to read to you some of it. he's talking about aqap,
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breitbart's phone. he said he would never post the al qaeda in the arabian picture himself and insists he wasn't in on it. peninsula, essentially al qaeda >> my website refuses to public in yemen about. this photo. he says, aqap is intensely they have admitted that they took this photo surreptitiously. focused on conducting a they said they did it without near-term attack against the united states and poses an any knowledge. they even said that there were immediate terrorist threat to no cameras there. u.s. interests and the homeland. >> that's a chance you take, al qaeda and its affiliate, though when passing around an aqap, are still actively iphone with the picture. kate baldwin with more on the plotting attacks with the growing list of representatives asking weiner to quit the house. principal goal of successfully >> reporter: the deafening striking the u.s. homeland. that's why all of this, of silence from democrats most course s so important. this arm of al qaeda does pose a significantly congressman weiner's fellow democrats in the direct threat to the united states, according to the u.s. house has now turned into a government, they've already concerted effort to push him proven they can reach out and touch. out. half a dozen house democrats are you just have to recall the so-called underwear bomber in december of 2009. saying they can't ignore this scandal any more. that was a man said to be affiliated with al qaeda in it includes allyson schwartz, yemen. that's why this now is in the mike ross, maine democrat crosshairs of the obama administration. michael michaud, indiana kiran, christine? >> barbara, quickly, so the democrat joe donnelly who is hospitalization of president running for senate.
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saleh, he's in saudi arabia, how all coming out to say simply he does this leave this opening? how does this help the u.s. tore should resign. listen here to congresswoman allow the u.s. to do this? >> it lets the u.s. perhaps schwartz. >> yes, and this is very maneuver a little bit more to personal decision as an have saleh out of the way. individual member of congress, they wanted him to step down but i was absolutely appalled anyhow, that has not technically when i heard about the behavior happened just yet even though actions of congressman weiner. he's out of the country. but make no mistake, it does i think it's inappropriate cause more unrest in this very behavior. troubled country. violates the confidence and essentially there is not a trust that his constituents central government that can control yemen at this point. should have in him. >> congresswoman schwartz is tribesmen, al qaeda insurgents are throughout the country and interesting because she's the head of recruiting efforts for house democrats in the 2012 controlling various factions and various pieces of territory in election cycle. that public statement is part of yemen. a new stepup effort to force that is not good news. not good news to have a central weiner out as one democratic government in control of the source put it to me, it's a entire country. all that does is leave al qaeda signal that represents a growing concern within the caucus. more room to maneuver possibly. the scandal is not only a distraction from the issues >> barbara starr for us this morning. democrats want to be talking we'll continue to follow up with about but it's becoming a you. thanks so much. new developments in the campaign issue which is a big anthony weiner sexting scandal. problem which is why we're seeing a turn of the tide.
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more democrats turning their >> another potential problem reporting out there that congressman weiner exchanged backs on the congressman. six calling for him to step e-mails with a porn star down. "the new york times" is reportedly coaching her about reporting that his wife human la what to say if asked about their abe din, a top aide to secretary relationship and also reportedly offering her to be able to talk to someone on his team if she of state hillary clinton is needed a professional pr person. pregnant. how could this potentially >> all this happening as an affect the ethics investigation explicit photo of anthony if this is true? weiner's anatomy is all over the >> right. if this would check out in that internet now thanks to radio hosts opie and anthony. there was pr help provided by they captured the photo off of the congressman's actual andrew breitbart's phone when he congressional office, one of the passed it around the studio issues and ethics rules that really a lot of people are saying he had it. pointing to is the rule having breitbart said he would never to do with use of official post that picture. he said that on our show as resources. nancy pelosi, the democratic well, and insists that he was leader, even when she called for not in on it. this investigation, said that's >> my website refuses to publish one question she had, if this photo. congressman weiner had used they have admitted that they official resources in his sends took this photo surreptitiously. of lewd photos or inappropriate they said they did it without my communications, calls, et cetera, that would be probably knowledge. what they'd be looking for in they even said that there were no cameras there.
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investigating that element of this continuing to unfold story. >> we're live from washington with the list of representatives so that's one question they calling for weiner to quit the still have to answer. >> well, the saga continues, house as well. obviously, this photo unfortunately. thank you. roaring flames from a circulating does not help his cause today. >> reporter: it does not, kiran. monster wildfire in arizona i can assure you that democrats forcing the mandatory evacuation and his colleagues were hoping of two towns in its path. after the press conference things would go away. with this latest photo that's authorities asking the residents of eager and springerville to circulating on the internet, get out while they can. it's not going away. the deafening silence that we crews expect slightly calmer heard from many of congressman winds today will help them make weiner's fellow democrats after progress in fighting this fire all of this has kind of come out which is now officially zero has now turned into really percent contained. nothing less than a concerted delta backing down on extra effort to simply push him out. bag fees for troops after two about half a dozen house u.s. soldiers posted a video democrats are now making it clear they can't ignore this campaigning their unit was hit with a $2800 baggage fee. scandal any longer. pennsylvania democrat allison the airline was accused of being schwartz, larry kissle, a unpatriotic. it has since apologized and said democrat from california, maine that they won't charge soldiers for extra bags. democratic michael mish aud. we'll hear what the soldiers even conservative democrat mike said and what people thought about it in a live report from hartsfield jackson airport. ross and niki tsongas. exxonmobil saying it found a
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new source of oil in the gulf of >> yes, this is very personal mexico. it could yield up to 700 million decision as an individual member barrels making it one of the of congress. but i was absolutely appalled largest discoveries in the gulf when i heard about the behavior in the past decade. actions of congressman weiner. and i think that's inappropriate alanalysts say this proves that there's still untapped sources in the gulf of mexico. behavior. violates the katie and trust new developments in the that his constituents should casey anthony murder trial. the young mother searched have in him and i call for his chloroform 84 times in the months before her 2-year-old resignation. >> reporter: the list of members calling for him to go. daughter disappeared. what does this do for the congresswoman schwartz is interesting. defense's case? we'll talk about it coming up. she's the head of recruiting efforts for house democrats in the 2012 election cycle. anthony weiner's wife we're told her public statement now is part of a new stepup reports now that she's pregnant. effort to force weiner out. as one democratic source put to she's been silent in this controversy. we'll look at the woman who is a superstar in her own right in it me, it's a signal that represents a growing concern the democratic party. our question of the day. within the caucus. it seems that the scandal is not what would you do if you were only a distraction from the congressman weiner's wife. issue that democrats want to be debating and talking about, but chris said on facebook, i'd it's becoming a campaign issue, leave him. trust is the most important which is a real problem. thing in the marriage. >> another troubling report out break that trust and i'd be long there. i believe "the new york post" as gone. others saying this is none of
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our business. well as tmz claiming they've send us an e-mail, a tweet, obtained some back and forth we'll read your thoughts later between the congressman and a in the program. porn star. they're alleging that he coached her perhaps to lie about her internet flirtation with him if questioned about it. does that add another layer on to perhaps the house investigation, the ethics investigation? >> reporter: taking the politics aside in this distraction element i talk about, the ethics investigation that he could be facing, we're told by ethics experts that the committee would be looking at all types of communication and how that communication was conducted and in what manner because there are two rules that many people are pointing to, two house ethics rules that people really are talking about. there's one rule that talks about behavior of members and how it reflects on the house, but also there's a rule about use of official resources. and this report seems that it could fall under this rule, you know, if it all checks out. really what it means and if this help was actually provided. so that seems to be that it could definitely be part of the investigation if it moves
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forward. >> kate baldwin for us on this this morning. thanks so much. while congressman weiner is facing pressure from fellow democrats to step aside, his wife huma abedin is considered one of the most popular people in the democratic party. for years she's served as hillary clinton's closest aides starting as an intern in 1996 for the then-first lady. as mrs. clinton's political career took off, abedin moved up ...was it something big? thing you ever saw? the ranks. today she's the deputy chief of ...or something small? ...something old? staff. clinton thinks of her as a ...or something new? daughter. the 35-year-old abedin is known ...or maybe, just maybe for being unflappable, known for's something you haven't seen yet. her intelligence, striking style and unusual background. the 2nd generation of intel core processors. last fall she made "time" stunning visuals, intelligent performance. magazine's list of 40 under 40. she was born in kalamazoo, this is visibly smart. michigan. she's a muslim. at a very young age the family moved to saudi arabia. she returned to the united states to attend college. a magazine article back in 2007
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hinted that she dated actor john cusack and the cyclist lance armstrong. during the 2008 presidential campaign when she was clinton's chief of staff she married congressman weiner. a ceremony officiated by former president bill clinton weeks before chelsea clinton. >> question today, what would you do if you were in her position? send us a tweet and we'll share your thoughts a bit later. we have dry heat and high winds that continue to fuel a monster wildfire in arizona. 600 square miles now torched. and authorities there have expanded evacuation orders including entire towns in parts of eastern arizona, home to some 8,000 people. they expect the numbers to grow in the coming days as this so-called wallow fire still burns out of control. in florida dry conditions are sparking brushfires across
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the state. fires have burned in miami-dade county. and firefighters say they still have not been able to get it under control. it could threaten tourists at the casey anthony murder everglades national park. trial, chloroform is now at the heart of the prosecution's case. nearly half the country is the young florida mother is charged with killing her involved in a brutal heat wave. 2-year-old daughter. yesterday a forensic expert who and triple digit heat from texas to new england. examined anthony's home computer >> rob marciano tracking all of testified that he found 84 this for us. internet searches for the word he's feeling the heat in stone "chloroform" and how to make it. mountain, georgia. heat advisories really across >> here to talk about the latest the country. evidence and how it might impact >> yeah, and where there's not her case is sunny hostin. heat advisories in larger city you've been following all of the we'll look at air quality will ins and outs of this case. be poor because of the sustained how does the defense even begin heat that we've seen and the to explain away these 84 ozone buildup and the pollution in cities including atlanta. searches? because they did put -- the this is a popular tourist prosecution yesterday did explain why it would be attraction just outside atlanta where you can be sure later on difficult even though that was a shared computer, for anybody in today people will be trying to casey's family besides casy to seek relief from the heat. be the one doing those searches. and the top of this mountain >> that's right. behind me, stone mountain, the no one else was home. at least according to the largest piece of exposed gran prosecution. i think that the defense has net the world, that's not going done a really good job of to be the place to do it.
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you'll have to find shade cross-examining these witnesses and injecting reasonable doubt, elsewhere. but this was a big one because this heat wave has unfortunately turned deadly. in tennessee, two heat related people feel really comfortable deaths, also in maryland. with computer forensics. this is certainly dangerous it is like watching a videotape stuff. across new york city yesterday, folks were just trying their or watlistening to an audio tap. best to get away from it or stay they'll have to put her on the cool any way they could. stand. high temperatures were which i have said all along. but to explain 84 searches for extraordinary. the humidity felt like it was chloroform. she also searched how to make well up over 100 degrees. chloroform. she also searched shovel record highs yesterday. allegedly. it was casey anthony. check them out. she searched so many damaging baltimore, maryland, 99, newark, things i think they've got to give this jury an explanation. new jersey, 99, 97 at laguardia. it seems to me like the tide has these are measured in the shade turned. at least according to my facebook page and twitter. don't include humidity. everyone is now saying uh-oh, d.c. to philly to new york could not only is she a liar, she see temperatures approach 100 premeditated this. degrees and the humidity will because she's searches occurred in march and the baby allegedly feel up and over that. died in june. places like chicago got cooled >> that's what the prosecution off with thunderstorms. is hoping the jury takes from all this, here is this woman who boston getting cooled off with thunderstorms. some are severe. is researching -- or her we've got a severe thunderstorm watch posted for parts of computer shows research about neck breaking and these other upstate new york until 11:00 violent acts and they're trying today. to portray her as one who can
3:13 am
that's the cool front that will come through new york city kill her child. >> as a premeditated cold tomorrow. until then, new york city will blooded killer. before this that was really not get close to 100. clear. >> is she facing the death we'll break records this afternoon. penalty? >> she is facing the death >> we'll be superhot when outside with kyle petty later. penalty. they charged her with >> the ultimate tailgate party. intentional murder, first degree murder thncht is going to be the ultimate tailgate. tough. they are also apparently and rob, you're going to wish alleging this witness was that you were here. >> maybe we'll drink a beer for this information was attempted to be purged from the hard you, rob. >> not until 9:01. drive, right, but they recovered it. >> it was deleted. delta backing down on bag >> defense can't say, why would she search all this stuff knowing it could be recovered? fees for troops. >> that's a huge takeaway for this after troops posted a everyone that's been watching video. this trial. the soldiers returning from your digital print is just afghanistan complained that always there. their unit was charged almost you can't really delete it. i used to work with forensic $3,000 for extra bags because investigators. each person is only allowed and one of them was able to three not four. retrieve images off of a of course, they've been in computer that had been put -- i afghanistan, so they had a lot of gear they were bringing back. guess it was put in water, it we'll hear what the soldiers was shot at, the computer laptop said and what people thought about it in a live report at and even burned and they were still able to retrieve images. hartsfield jackson at the bottom of the hour. yesterday so interesting because bottom line is, it's always delta said we're sorry that they
3:14 am
there. in casey anthony's case, this misunderstood our bag policy, was on the anthony home but they have to pay for the computer. fourth bag, $200 a pop. we haven't even gotten to her laptop yet. >> the significance of that just doesn't seem fair. these guys are coming back from chloroform. we think -- what are they trying afghanistan. the first three bags are free to show for the chloroform, that she knocked the child out? and the fourth one is $200? and also there's some -- i guess they changed their policy. i'm confuseded about chloroform other airlines are following suit. >> because they all have that is detectable when a body is bag policy. >> three bags for three. decomposing, too. >> we learned this in their these guys have been in a desert opening statement, she used fighting a war for months. chloroform to knock her daughter out. to pay $200 when they come home. and there is evidence about chloroform being found in the >> outrageous. trunk of her car. so they're really trying to exxonmobil discovered a new connect the dots from the trunk source of noil the gulf of mexico. to her yard to casey anthony to this find could yield up to 700 million barrels. the computer. it would make it one of the i think it's actually quite largest discoveries in the gulf compelling. because it's a circumstantial in the past ten years. oil analysts say this proves case. how do you prove something like that there are still untapped that? no one will testify that they energy sources in the gulf of mexico. saw casey anthony use chloroform the stanley cup finals, the best of three. on her daughter. the boston bruins even at two no one will testify that she saw casey anthony put her daughter's games apiece. dead body into a trunk. a shutout of the vancouver but when they're connecting these pieces like this, computer canucks. the series now moves back to searches to the trunk to casey
3:15 am
vancouver for the pivotal fifth anthony being the only one at game tomorrow night. home, that makes a really also yesterday powerful testimony from a computer compelling, i think, argument. forensic expert in the casey as a prosecutor i used to argue anthony murder trial pointing to if you heard a weather report 84 searches for chloroform on that it was noticing and you went to bed and woke up the next her home computer. morning and there was a blanket is this a testimony that makes of snow. the prosecution's case or is you didn't see it snow but do there a plausible defense? you have a reasonable doubt that >> and president obama's it snowed? approval rating slips below 50% that's what a circumstantial as more americans fear another case is about. right now the weather report is great depression. looking bad for casey anthony. we'll tell you what these new poll numbers say. >> it is. with these forensic tie-ins. >> after a strong opening statement by her defense attorney. >> sunny is saying she'll need to go on the stand. >> i think she will. prosecution's case ends june 17th. we may see casey anthony on the witness stand in the next week. >> sunny hostin, good to get your take this morning, thanks. up next, if you own an suv, you may be safer than ever.
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3:19 am
detailing search records that could be used to suggest that hour. checking minding your business, caylee anthony's murder was concerns of an economic slowdown pushed stocks lower again premeditated. gary tuchman has more. yesterday. the three major markets were down for the sixth day in a row. the dow dropped 22 points, the >> reporter: casey and caylee anthony in 2008 just months nasdaq sank 26 points and the before little caylee s&p 500 was down 5 points at the disappeared. the pictures shown today in close. court by the prosecution. any americans find casey anthony in her usual spot themselves out of work could stop receiving unemployment in the courtroom showed no checks by the end of the year. emotion and didn't even look at most people will likely receive the pictures of her little girl. jobless benefits of just 26 prosecutors then turned to her weeks of state unemployment computer laying out what they checks. believed to be very damning the deadline to file for extended benefits expires this evidence. >> my name is john dennis year. citigroup confirming that bradley. >> reporter: john bradley is a software expert who was asked by hackers may have accessed the online account information for investigators in orlando to forensically investigate the about 210,000 of its customers. computer in casey anthony's house. the attack happened back in may. the jury was listening carefully. citigroup says other information >> that a google search? like birth dates and social >> yes, it is. >> for? security numbers not compromised. >> the words "neck breaking" suvs are now safer than ever thanks to improvements in with a space in between. stability control that keep the and a visit to and vehicle from rolling over. according to the insurance institute for highway safety, the death rate for suvs has inhalation, head underscore
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injury, ruptured spleen, chest dropped 26%. trauma, hand to hand combat. according to steve jobs, the search term of internal company plans to build a new bleeding. >> reporter: all these search headquarters. results came from the computer the circular building with a three months before little massive interior court yard caylee disappeared. would house 12,000 employees. prosecutors are trying to convince the jury that casey uh, laugh lines? anthony was doing homework about ways to kill her daughter. it was presumed her attorney would cast doubt that she was the one using the computer, but instead he seemed to concede she was using it by saying she was searching topics ranging from self-defense to self-protection. >> you can't testify that a person is actually reading what's on the page. >> not without a security camera [ laughs ] watching, that's correct. not funny. >> reporter: but the history act my age? also included subjects about -why? -why? -why? chloroform. earlier history in the trial i love the sun. past sun goddess. every line has a story. about chloroform being found in [ female announcer ] we all age differently. the trunk at what one expert now there's roc multi-correxion 4 zone moisturizer called, quote, shockingly high with roc®retinol and antioxidants. a lifetime of stress lines, sun damage, levels. linda drane burdick is one of and worry wrinkles will fade in just 4 weeks.
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-crows feet... -belong on birds. the prosecutors. >> how many times is that cited? [ female announcer ] roc multi-correxion. correct what ages you. >> according to the history 84 -aging... -bring it on. times. >> reporter: casey anthony was almost expressionless after that, too. as the evidence against her builds. gary tuchman, orlando, florida. >> so how much damage did that home computer do to casey anthony's case? we'll ask cnn legal contributor sunny hostin who has been following every twist and turn of this case. a dangerously close call for a group of college rotc students we could've gone a more traditional route... when lightning struck a military ... but it wouldn't have been nearly as memorable. base in mississippi. 77 cadets were sent to the ♪ hospital after the strike. it happened in camp shelby yesterday. they're all responsive and in stable condition. the students are enrolled in the rotc. take a look at this time lapse video for the moving day for the museum in cedar rapids, iowa. it was damaged. yesterday the 17-ton building was lifted on to 40 individual
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it will be a scorcher. we live in a social world. mostly sunny. as well as a heat wave sweeping isn't it time we had a social currency to match? through much of the country. membership rewards points from american express. >> heat advisories in many use them to get the things you love from places. it will be hot out there today. the anthony weiner sexting,, and more unexpected places. scandal taking the most dramatic turn yet. "the new york times" is now they're a social currency with endless possibilities. reporting that his wife huma abedin is pregnant with their first child. >> she's a darling of the democratic party and has stayed silent about her husband's behavior so far. mary snow joins us with more. it's private life turned public in a very, very difficult circumstance. >> she's a very private person. this must be just horrifying for people close to her. >> now with this increased scrutiny, with this latest news by "the new york times." so far she appears to be sticking by her husband. she is keeping a distance. as the pressure mounts on her husband to resign, huma abedin is on a job in the middle east, then off to africa. as congressman anthony weiner fights for his political life in new york, his wife, huma abedin,
3:25 am
continues working thousands of miles away, seen here in abu dabby with her boss, secretary of state hillary clinton. the 35-year-old abedin, one of clinton's top aides, was noticeably absent from her husband's side when he admitted having sexually explicit communications with several women and lying about it. but "washington post" reporter quotes friends of abedin as saying don't read too much into her absence. >> her friends say this is obviously a bum inspect the road for her marriage. she's very much committed to her husband, she loves her husband and she wants to work it out. >> reporter: she is a muslim who grew up in saudi arabia. he has a reputation for breing brash and relishes the it's 25 minutes past the spotlight. hour. minding your business this abedin shies from it and is morning, concerns of an economic described as being very private. slowdown pushing stocks lower again on wednesday. she's most often the person in the dow, nasdaq, s&p 500 all the background constantly at the side of hillary clinton and the lower for the sixth day in a row. person who has her ear.
3:26 am
citigroup confirming that hackers may have accessed the abedin started as a white house online account information for intern in 1996 and has worked in 210,000 of its commerce. several capacities since then. the attack happened back in may. she was on the campaign trail with mrs. clinton in the 2008 citigroup says other information like birth dates and social security numbers was not presidential election and now serves as deputy chief of staff compromised. oil prices spiked wednesday to secretary clinton. following news the opec members she's become more than a trusted failed to reach an agreement to cut -- or to push up crude oil aide says a longtime friend of production levels. abedin and clinton who describes oil futures jumped nearly 2% at her as a second daughter to the clintons and a sister to chelsea. the former president even $101 a barrel. officiated at the ceremony when suvs now have stability weiner married abedin last july. control which keep the vehicle from rolling over. while she hasn't sought the according to the insurance spotlight, she has made a name institute for highway safety, for herself in washington. the death rate for suvs has >> she comes across as very dropped 66% in the past ten alluring and glamorous in a town years. coming up later this morning like washington that is very the labor department will conservative, she brings these release the latest jobless almost hollywood glamorous good numbers. a survey by expect looks and a roll o dex that's about 300,000 claims were filed filled with celebrities and up a thousand from last week. political titans across the those figures come out at 8:30 globe. >> and she's so private. a.m. a longtime friend didn't want to we'll be back after the break. be name bud said that people around her will do everything they can to protect her. >> yesterday james carville was
3:27 am
telling us that a part of the problem for anthony weiner is that she is so well liked they now see him as a -- i can't remember the word he used. that she's so well liked that it's worse for him. >> he used the word livid, when he said that a number of people called him livid that anthony weiner had put her through this. >> rarely a unanimous decision on "the view" but the ladies all agreed. >> i think he should resign. >> oh, yeah. >> because he's a distraction. get out now, anthony. out. >> he is so self-empowered that he thinks it's actually good enough that he said i'm sorry for doing what i did. well, congratulationses for being practical. that's what you're supposed to do. >> you got to go, anthony! bye-bye. >> the revelation according to somewhere in america, a city comes to life. "the new york times" of the pregnancy makes it interesting it moves effortlessly, breathes easily. as well because it softens the view of this marriage.
3:28 am
but it shows anthony weiner and it flows with clean water. his sexting activities at a time it makes its skyline greener when he's got a wife at home and its population healthier. that is going to bear his first all to become the kind of city child. on the one hand it humanizes the people want to live and work in. relationship. somewhere in america, on the other hand, it does make him look worse. we've already answered some that brings us to our question of the nation's toughest questions. of the day. what would you do if you're and the over sixty thousand people of siemens anthony weiner's wife. are ready to do it again. siemens. answers. >> we all make mistakes. treatment, honesty, time. that's her choice. >> shelly writes on facebook. twenty-five thousand mornings, give or take, some say stay for the family but is all we humans get. we spend them on treadmills. when someone's behavior is like we spend them in traffic. this family life turns into pure hell, especially for the kids. and if we get lucky, really lucky, i would cut my losses and run early on. it dawns on us to go spend them in a world where a simple mr. weiner has poor impulse control if any at all and people sunrise can still be magic. like that don't change. >> lisa on facebook says i know twenty-five thousand mornings. many people who have situations like this. make sure some of them are pure michigan. this stuff happens all the time. i'm sure they'll argue for a your trip begins at while they'll get over it. >> as always, thanks for your input this morning. to your kids' wet skin. we're crossing the half hour. new neutrogena® wet skin kids.
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ordinary sunblock drips and whitens. time for a look at your top neutrogena® wet skin cuts through water. stories. the u.s. is reporting that forms a broad spectrum barrier the u.s. is conducting a covert for full strength sun protection. war in yemen using fighter jets wet skin. neutrogena®. and armed drones. in order to keep the terrorist organization from organizing and gaining more power in yemen. residents of two eastern arizona towns are heading for safer ground this morning as a huge wildfire continues to spread. mandatory evacuations were ordered for eagar and springerville. calmer winds today will help crews make progress which is right now zero percent contained. rotc cadets were struck by lightning in mississippi. they're all responsive and in stable condition this morning. the rotc uses camp shelby in mississippi as its summer training site. the entire east coast is broiling. dangerous heat from texas to new england. rob marciano tracking that weather from stone mountain, georgia. hey, rob, we'll set more records
3:30 am
today you think, right? >> yeah for sure. some folks will cool down today. not here in atlanta. we're just outside of atlanta at stone mountain which is a huge tourist attraction. behind me is the largest exposed piece of granite in the world. three highly ranked generals, jeff davis, robert e. lee and stonewall jackson. they come out here and try to exercise, a lot or doing it earlier to do it because of the heat. check out these numbers for record highs. over 99 degrees in some spots. newark, 99, laguardia seeing 97. these temperatures in the shade 0 minute past the hour. without any humidity. if you're out in the sunshine, for a look at your top stories, it feels a whole lot hotter. "the new york times" reporting that u.s. fighter jets and armed here's where the advisories are today. the i-95 corridor. drones are intensifying their attacks against al qaeda targets in yemen. excessive heat warning in the white house reportedly philadelphia for heat indices waging a covert war against that will be up and over 100 militant targets in this power degrees. vacuum that exists right now in take care of your neighbors and try to stay cool and hydrated. yemen before they can organize
3:31 am
we do have thunderstorms, some and gain more power. democrats are now like up of which are severe in upstate against congressman anthony new york and northern ohio. the cooler air, the back side is weiner. six democrats calling for his getting thunderstorms across resignation. it is getting more difficult for eastern new england. boston won't be quite as warm him to hang on. "the new york times" is reporting his wife is pregnant today. watch out for thunder and and a blurry photo of his lightning tonight. as that storm pushes off to the anatomy is now all over the web. east. look at chicago. the last couple of days they saw mandatory evacuations breaking high temperatures as ordered in two towns in eastern well. there's the cool air not getting to d.c. or new york today but it arizona, a massive wildfire that will tomorrow. it will not get to memphis, to keeps growing. crews say they have contained atlanta, to jackson, mississippi zero percent right now. one of cnn's i-reporters have and to little rock arkansas where temperatures will easily stay into the 90s not only today captured the smoke and flames coming from this fire. describing this torched terrain but tomorrow and likely through the weekend. this is extraordinary for this saying it looks like an atomic time of year. these are pem turs that we'll bomb hit. eager, arizona, is one of likely see in the middle of july the towns where people are being told to get out while they can. or august rather than the middle of june according to the still a dilemma for the longtime calendar, the official calendar, residents. jim spellman is live there with that part of the story. of course, summer doesn't start for another week or so, but it >> reporter: good morning, feels like summer across the christine. despite those evacuation orders, southeast for two weeks already. residents here really want to there have been heat related
3:32 am
stay, the sheriffs will let deaths because of this. them, forcing people here to don't take this lightly. make some difficult decisions. while firefighters battle the check on your neighbors. and you yourself stay hydrated wallow fire, residents in eager and out of the sun as much as face a serious question, to stay possible. >> if you need to find your neighborhood cooling center, or go. for now dave hunt is staying. find your neighborhood cooling center, please. because we know what this kind >> we've got so many of heat can do. thanks, rob. >> thanks, rob. firefighters here that they've right now in washington, big protected other small decisions need to be made that communities, and i know they're going to do a good job affect the economy, your money, your chances for a job. protecting eager. for instance, a couple of weeks >> reporter: a house full of ago the federal government maxed memories in a town he's come to call home. >> my dad built this place. out its credit, we call it the debt ceiling. he's gone now. the white house wants to bump up and i love this area so much. its spending limits but >> reporter: but he's hedging republicans have been rejecting his bets. his harley and his car are that request. today vice president joe biden packed and ready and if will be meeting with top conditions change, he'll hit the road. >> i'm ready. lawmakers pushing for a deal. just grab the cat and run. >> the main thing is the dog joining me is sherrod brown, a that's in the front there. member of the senate finance >> reporter: next door rodney committee. last week speaker boehner said and bob have decided to leave. it was time for president obama >> we're just going to get out to personally get involved in these talks as well. of here since they want us out what do you know about where of here. we don't want to go, no. >> reporter: but with the fire they stand? just a few miles away, they optimistic they can make a deal? >> i hope that speaker boehner don't want to take any chances.
3:33 am
>> i've seen them wildfires in acts like the adult in the room and does what we have to do in california just rip, just tear through places and stuff. this country. that's what i worry about. during the bush administration, >> reporter: with just a few seven times the debt ceiling was hours to pack, they're forced to make some ard decisions. increased. there's nobody of this family photos stay behind, but their 18-year-old chow gets a histrionics tearing your hair seat up front thencht don't want out, we're going to shut the to go either, i'll tell you. government down, we don't care what happens to financial markets kind of behavior. >> dave t neighbor, stays behind the problem is that speaker for now as rodney and bob and boehner and leader mcconnell in tigger pull out headed for safety, hoping that when the the senate have said that the fire is gone, their home will privatization of medicare has to remain. be part of this negotiation. sheriffs here going door to door urging everybody to leave. and that's just not acceptable. no doubt they want people out of to change -- to dramatically these two towns. about 4,000 homes here are change medicare and turn it over threatened by the fire now less to insurance interests. that shouldn't be the price for than three miles away from town. raising the debt ceiling, >> jim spellman, thanks so much. period. >> would you agree to the there's also a lot of consensus among most in congress anxiety over the overflowing is that they will vote to raise missouri river in bismarck and the debt ceiling, obviously. manneden, north dakota. they have to do that. folks are scrambling to get but do some realistically some pumps and sandbags in place to strings need to be attached to keep the river out of homes and
3:34 am
businesses. 15 miles of emergency levees this? >> there will be strings attached and that's fine. have been built up near the first of all, by cutting spending is not the only issue capital. already 2400 people have in this town. the most important thing to do evacuated the area. is keeping our focus on how do much of the country is in a heat wave. rob marciano is in stone we create jobs? you can't cut your way out of mountain, georgia, this morning. this budget deficit. good morning, rob. you got to have economic growth when you look at the red dots for all of the records we've and this whole focus of already set from sunday to tuesday on the map, it's pretty conservative politicians on cutting without investing in the future without job creation is incredible. >> it is. wrong headed. it will continue today for parts but in the same time, though, of the northeast, certainly the southeast here in atlanta, the strings attached cannot be georgia, just outside of it where stone mountain park, this medicare. i have on my website is the largest piece of exposed, 20,000 people gran net the world. have come on and signed. there's a carving in there that i urge others to. features prominent folks from the civil war. a letter we're sending to the jeff davis, robert e. lee and vice president saying that medicare has got to stay off the stonewall jackson. the same designer that carved table. republicans for some time have out mount rushmore did this tried to privatize medicare. puppy. it's a huge tour u.s. they can't use this debt ceiling attraction. throughout the day there will be people in some cases climbing up vote to turn medicare over to that. it might not be the smartest insurance interests. thing at high noon where
3:35 am
temperatures will soar into the it's simply too good a program for the american people to do 90s. we had record breaking up that. >> i want to just put a hold on through laguardia, newark and talking about the debt for a baltimore as well touching 100 second. you just said that this is the wrong time to cut. degrees in some cases. obviously we've seen the we'll have a similar deal today economic numbers that show the with d.c. up to philly and new trouble that we've had. we've had weak jobs growth. york city looking at heat advisories and excessive heat in may we added 54,000 jobs. warnings there. so dangerous heat. and this is the stuff that could we're dealing with problems in kill you if you're not ready for the housing market as well. it. and certainly if you're ill in and there are been republicans any sort of capacity or elderly. saying this is proof that so look after your neighbors. stimulus spending didn't work. look at the thunderstorms that will be rolling across the >> well, it's not. northeast. we have a severe thunderstorm watch out for parts of the great when president obama took lakes. cooling down in boston around office, we had -- he had the the back side of this thing. largest budget deficit in that watch box is the leading american history he inherited edge of cooler air. temperatures today in chicago and we were losing 700,000 jobs much, much cooler than they were every month those month hess yesterday. although they'll be a few more took over. now we've had job growth for the storms. but below that front down across the southeast, temperatures will last 1 3 or 14 months. stay hot and steamy until further notice. in the daytime highs expected the last year we had increase in for today. job manufacturing since 1998 -- looking at the low to mid-90s.
3:36 am
>> so you believe that the look at chicago. stimulus measures are working in 64 degrees for the high temperature. part, why aren't democrats that's a number that certainly pushing for another stimulus will help things out come then? >> because the republicans would never pass another recovery act. tomorrow in new york city. any kind of stimulus like that. but across the southeast, temps will stay well into the 90s we need to enforce our trade through the weekend. so here we are, guys, in the laws. that can help create jobs. month of june. we need to take away tax breaks. this feels more like july or august as this heat wave if a company shuts down in continues to crank up across the youngstown and goes to shanghai, east coast. back to you. they can deduct their moving >> rob marciano, thanks. expenses against the federal taxes -- we'll check in with you again >> i know that -- i understand soon. >> always warmer in d.c. in what you're saying. but republicans will say and boston than atlanta. christine will be speaking to in libya, the heaviest your colleague jeff sessions in a minute that we haven't made it fighting in the city of misrata a hospitable business under heavy attack again. environment either which is why rebels say that moammar they want to cut corporate gadhafi's forces are shelling. taxes. we know some cuts have to happen. what programs would you be misrata is the scene of some of willing to cut to try to get a the bloodiest fighting since the handle on this? >> i think you've got to put battle began. defense on the table. republicans are asking for 1,000 people have died including close to 700 civilians who live increases in defense while in the city. cutting head start and cutting tense of thousands of syrian pell grants. refugees have fled the it won't close the tax loopholes government's bloody crackdown
3:37 am
there. they're trying to get out right for the oil industry. we can start with those. now. a group lined up against a do generic drugs saving billions border fence with turkish troops pacing in front of them chanting in health care expenses. and holding the syrian flag. we can do negotiation of drugs the united nations says more the way the veterans than a thousand people have been killed during anti-government administration does it now. protests in less than three that will save tens of millions months. the united states efforts to over the next ten years. we can do a lot of things like stabilize afghanistan had that. but the republican focus, they limited success according to a new congressional report. take defense off the table. this is a report based on a they want to continue to do more two-year investigation. tax cuts for the wealthy. it also states that afghanistan today is the ten-year anniversary of the bush tax cut risks sinking into deeper crisis for the wealthy that began to after u.s. troops withdraw. get us turned from the biggest the u.s. has sent nearly $19 budget surplus in history to the billion in aid to the troubled biggest budget deficit in nation. new evidence this morning of america's growing economic history. the republicans in the house anxiety and how it may affect want to do the same things that cut us into this mess. president obama's winning a second term. more tax cuts for the wealthy according to a new cnn opinion and deregulation of wall street. research corporation poll, 48% that hasn't worked in the last of americans approve of the ten years and won't work in the president's job performance. next ten. >> great to get your take this that's down from 54% just two morning. weeks ago. sherrod brown from ohio, from also, 48% of americans say the the russell rotunda this morning. thanks so much. u.s. is likely to slip into we'll get the gop perspective another great depression in the after the break. >> with senator jeff sessions. next 12 months. that's coming up in two minutes.
3:38 am
that's up from 41% back in 2009 and just 38% back in 2008. >> even when it was at its worse, the beginnings of the scope of the financial crisis, people did not want to say great depression. they didn't believe we'd be in another great depression. >> the great depression was two big legs down in the economy, one that was very painful. then in 1937, another big huge move lower. that seems to be people have this foreboding feeling about the economy, in part because jobs and the housing market have it's a curious thing that happens. not improved for them. >> that's right. former house speaker newt it seems that when we get to a place where no one knows us, gingrich on the campaign trail in new hampshire yesterday. we become most ourselves. first stop since may 27th when try new things. he was in columbia, south make new friends. carolina. campaign watchers are starting to wonder why he fell off the laughing out loud. and dancing in the streets. radar, especially after he took heat from conservatives for his its time to venture out. comments on the paul ryan who knows just who we might discover... medicare plan. now we know. a gingrich spokesman says that as we come alive under the spell of pure michigan. he was on a planned vacation with his wife calista. your trip begins at one cruise website listed him somewhere in america, and his wife as passengers on a
3:39 am
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3:40 am
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3:42 am
think we can count on it. those groups haven't been so effective. i believe we should go through the regular order process for budgeting in the budget committee. but jon kyl and some of the members that are part of that are good people. so we can hope that something good will come out of it. >> the bond market, when you look at the markets, the markets are telling us that they think that the debt ceiling is going to be raised. the question is the process of how do you get to that. what kind of cuts do you need to see in do you think we'll be able to raise that debt ceiling and it will buy us time through the end of next year? >> the bond market would be awfully disappointed if the debt limit were raised and we did not reduce spending and get a change personal pricing now on brakes. that trajectory of debt that tell us what you want to pay. we're on, which is clearly we do our best to make that work. deal! unsustainable. last week's economic numbers my money. my choice. my meineke. were really troubling, with unemployment up, manufacturing down, the fed reported just yesterday that a number of their
3:43 am
regions had negative growth compared to the last couple of months. >> you're saying -- >> is our situation. >> your friends across the aisle will use those same statistics delta airlines now backing down on some extra bag fees for saying this is why we can't be troops. the move comes after two u.s. cutting too deeply and soldiers posted a viral video indiscriminately, you cut now and you hurt the economy in the that caused frankly a pr disaster for the airline. near term and longer term that >> martin savidge live in hurts your chances of deficit reduction, getting the debt atlanta. not to just pick on delta, i under control. >> christine, this is a key mean, this is pretty much the industry standard. question you just raised and we right? need to talk about. you get charged for these bags even if you're a returning vet. what we know is for the last 2 1/2 years we've borrowed and >> reporter: right. but we all know as the flying we've spent money we did not v to recover from a huge, huge public there's nothing that irks us more than these baggage fees. financial crisis that nearly took down the american economy. 34 members of an army reserve >> we borrowed money we did not unit arrived back in the u.s. have in large amounts from the from afghanistan monday. tuesday morning bright and early future to spend today to they're on a delta airlines artificially stimulate this flight going from baltimore right down here to atlanta when economy and it has not worked. they run afoul of those infamous we've had the lowest bounce back we've ever had if a major baggage fees. these guys weren't coming back recession. it's very, very dangerous. from vacation. they had all sorts of war stuff. we cannot continue to borrow and delta said three bags for free spend.
3:44 am
but you have to pay for the this is what is threatening the fourth bag. their tab came to just over american growth and the economic $2800 which they had to pay out studies of rogoff and rhinehart of their own pocket. are when you reach 90% of your the pentagon likes to say the u.s. has the best trained soldiers in the world. gdp, the debt equaling that, turns out they're also pretty then you lose 1% of -- media savvy. >> that is correct. >> you're quote quothing the >> reporter: while on their flight to taent two of the fabulous book, this time it's soldiers recorded a video about different, they've studied all their frustration and posted it these financial difficulties. on youtube. even debt hawks -- >> so you're saying that our >> i'm saying to you don't you military travel orders think that means that we have no authorized us to carry four choice but to figure a way to bags, correct? >> yes, that is correct. have stability in our economy and not continue to run up debt? >> so what happened to the >> so let's talk about the jobs soldiers that actually had four that we've been creating some bags? >> we had to end up paying out 50,000 jobs this last time of pocket our own money to allow around, the reason why there weren't more created is because, that fourth bag to be taken on frankly, you have state budgets the plane. in crisis, local budgets in >> how much did you pay? >> $200 per bag. cries, stimulus money running ow and they're slashing public >> reporter: close to 2,000 hits sector jobs. for each one of the jobs there's later and delta was issuing an apology in the form of a blog another 1.3 private sector jobs. saying that the soldiers had can we afford to keep seeing all of these jobs disappear? been misinformed they could and will the private sector check four bags. we'd like to publicly apologize
3:45 am
magically just recover around it to those service men and women to absorb them? >> if we get this economy on a for any miscommunications. we are currently looking further sound footing, the private sector will recover. into the situation and we'll be mr. bernanke says we have to reaching out to each of them have 2.5% economic growth to personally to address their concerns and work to correct any issues they have faced. stay level with jobs. the statement appeared to do last quarter was 1.8% economic little to stem the withering fire of public outrage. growth. the borrowing and spending, the >> it's unforgivable that delta idea of keynesian stimulation of couldn't make an exception and the economy is not working. cut these boys some slack. >> reporter: less than 24 hours we've already spent far too later delta was in full retreat. abruptly changing its military much. baggage allowance announcing the that's why all the economists move in a press release. are telling us you've got to get delta airlines today increased off this path. >> somehow i knew you'd go back its free checking baggage allotment for u.s. military to the keynesian argument. traveling on orders in economy why did i know you'd go there? class to four checked bags. >> it's really our national and that is how two u.s. debate, christine. we're talking about that. >> it is. >> can we artificially by bore soldiers fought an entire airline to win the battle of the oeg money from the future, spending it today generate growth. bags. >> thank you. maybe sometimes you can make a we're actually happy to be back dent with it. but as a systemic policy it's to america. god bless america.
3:46 am
disastrous and put us in a position that the debt becomes >> reporter: we actually did so large it begins to pull our some checking ourself of other growth down, which is happening airlines. and as you pointed out in the beginning there, most airlines today. >> and even the budget hawk, i had done exactly what delta had will say the people concerned done, that is, the standard was about budgets and for years who have been saying we've got to three bags for free for the get this under control, it is military. interestingly enough, though, yesterday afternoon a lot of easier to get it under control those policies began to change. in good times but in bad times with one exception. and the economy is weakening southwest airlines. we asked them how many bags do even now they're concerned about you allow the military when in too much slashing military service to check. indiscriminately and not in a smart way could be dangerous to their answer, as many as they the recovery going forward and need. back to you. what they're wored about i'll be >> you know, that's a nice david honest with you is that and goliath story, isn't it? politicians are not very good money managers that's why we had and the power of the social to raise this thing over and media on display once again. over again and now just happens >> reporter: yeah. and here's the thing. to be really tricky time, you know, it was clear, very senator. >> well, you're right. politicians are not very good at spending money. clear that delta said three and we understood to send them bags. it was the military that those less and they need to contain guys got the wrong bum steer on our spending and spend less. it. the way it should have been that's for sure. handled was a ticket agent, it's i think if we do that, you know, the international monetary fund normally three bags, today guess what? it's four. told the brits don't change your welcome home. end of story. that would have saved themselves policy. there were protests that you
3:47 am
a real pr debacle. shouldn't cut spending as much as they're doing today. but the international monetary instead they ran into the buzz fund says, no, stay the course. saw of bad publicity. >> when they issued that blog this is the sound way to get statement yesterday and we are in line with industry standards your economy under control. and the rest of the industry we increase spending in the last people went crazy. >> and to apologize for the two years nondefense discretionary spending 25%. miscommunication not for the >> and over the past ten years bags. >> people just thought it was an we've given a lot of money back apology that wasn't an apology to people in tax cuts. and that only fueled the whole the ten-year anniversary of the thing. nice to see that the other first bush tax cuts. airlines are following suit and you'll have your colleagues on the other side of the aisle allow them to have four bags. arguing about how that given we didn't have the money to do martin savidge, thank you very that, too. we have to leave it there. much. >> very much so. >> a lot of times it is up to >> thank you. >> senator session, come back, the discretion of the individual there's so much to talk about as we head to august 2nd. ticketing agent to say go for thank you, sir. >> there's a lot to do. it. >> there were a bunch of guys >> there sure is. >> still ahead, delta hands coming back and all the people in first class got up and gave returning soldiers a $2,800 bill their seats to the people coming back one after another. it's things like that that really matter to people when they're coming home, not paying for baggage. that video goes viral. $200 bag fees. leon panetta goes on the >> that's nasdaq -- nasdaq -- you can tell i'm on business.
3:48 am
grill today. >> nascar. >> can you tell i spend too much his confirmation hearings begin. he's expected to replace robert time on wall street? gates as secretary of defense. nascar goes tailgating. gates is retiring the at the end of the month. the 72-year-old panetta is a washington insider. he's been a congressman, a white house chief of staff. he's currently serving as cia there's another way to minimize litter box odor: purina tidy cats. director. two high rollers won more tidy cats premium line of litters now works harder than $11 million at the to help neutralize odors in multiple-cat homes. tropicana casino in atlantic and our improved formula also helps eliminate dust. city, new jersey. the first came back in april so it's easier than ever to keep your house when a blackjack winner won 5.8 smelling just the way you want it. purina tidy cats. million. then a different gambler won 5.3 keep your home smelling like home. million last week. ahead on "american [ heather ] businesses need a reliable financial partner. one who can stay in sync with their moves. morning" -- cam newton, national my job at ge capital is to get bobcat champion auburn tigers were in all the financial and business support they need. the house, right? but all eyes were on the son of we provide financing for every bobcat dealer in north america. president obama's former press secretary robert gibbs. together, we've rolled out over 100,000 machines it was really cute. we'll show you what happened. also the question of the to small businesses all over the country day. so they too can grow. what would you do if you were ♪ congressman weiner's wife as new ge capital. we're there for bobcat every step of the way.
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3:51 am
a covert war to stop militants from organizing and rising to power as that power vacuum in the country continues with the absence of their president in saudi arabia now. a naked photo of congressman anthony weiner is circulating on the web. 600 square miles of arizona on fire. smoke visible as far away as wyoming. winds are fanning the flames. some 8,000 people in eager and springerville have been forced out. 2,000 people are fighting the fire including crews as far away as new york state. damaging evidence against a young mother accused of killing her daughter. a forensic expert said he found 84 searches for chloroform and how to make chloroform on casey an thoens's home computer. exxonmobil said it found the equivalent of 700 million barrels of oil in the gulf of mexico. the biggest find in the last
3:52 am
decade. enough to power the u.s. for 28 days. the boston bruins winning their second straight at home to even up the stanley cup at two baltimore, sunny and 89. mostly sunny. games apiece. game five is tomorrow night in vancouver. you're caught up on the day's headlines. 102. wow. >> balmy. >> balmy baltimore. delta is now backing down on some of these extra bag fees for troops. it comes after two u.s. soldiers posted a viral video that caused a pr disaster for the airline. >> martin savidge is live at hartville jackson airport in atlanta. this is the battle over the bags and the little guy won? >> reporter: right. good morning, christine, good morning, kiran. what is the slogan that the army has? it is an army of one. in this case, an army of two and a video camera that made all the difference. here is the story. 34 reserve soldiers coming back from afghanistan on monday. tuesday morning, they are flying from baltimore to atlanta when they run afoul on the dreaded
3:53 am
baggage fees. these were not guys coming back from vacation. they had all sorts of war stuff. delta said, free bags free, the fourth you have to pay for. for the unit, just over $2800 which they had to pay out of their own pockets. the pentagon likes to say the u.s. has the best trained soldiers in the world. turns out, they are also pretty media savvy. while on their flight to atlanta, two of the soldiers recorded a video about their frustration and posted it on youtube. >> so you are saying that our military travelers authorized us to carry four bags, correct? >> yes, that is correct. >> so what happened to the soldiers that actually had four bags. >> we actually had to pay out of president obama honoring the bcs champions auburn tigers. pocket, our own money, to allow but a young fan who stole the that fourth bag to be taken on show instead. the plane. the president congratulated cam >> how much did you pay? newton and the rest of the team >> $200 per bag. for their perfect season. watch what happens when the son >> close to 200,000 hits later of press secretary robert gibbs, and delta was issuing an apology
3:54 am
a bigtime auburn fan, joins him in the form of a blog implying the soldiers had simply been on stage for the photo op. watch the kid. misinformed. they could check four bags. >> we would like to publicly apologize to those service men and women for any miscommunication, the statement went on. we are currently looking further into the situation and will be still a big thrill. reaching out to each of them he gets a fist bump from the personally to address their concerns and work to correct any president. locked in battle robert gibbs and the press corps. issues. the statement seemed to do the press corps have sometimes little to stem the withering called him thick headed. fire of public outrage. >> you'll need a bigger helmet. >> is unforgivable that delta >> more tweets, more chats, an couldn't make an exception and cut these boys some slack. >> less than 24 hours later, explicit photo. delta was in full retreat. it's even getting worse for abruptly changing the military anthony weiner. now reports that his wife huma baggage allowance announcing the move in a press release. is pregnant. >> if it took place during delta air lines increased its marriage i'd see a divorce free checking baggage allotment lawyer. this stand by your man crap for u.s. military traveling makes women look like idiots. honoreds in economy class to >> simone na says they should four checked bags. try to work it out. too many divorces in this that is how two u.s. soldiers fought off an entire airline to decade. >> donna moody on facebook, i
3:55 am
would be at my attorney's office win the battle of the bags. the day he told me. pregnant or not, she's >> thank you. we are actually happy to be back accomplished in her own right and doesn't need a man to to america. god bless america. support her. she'll probably divorce him at some point anyway. why prolong the marriage? >> reporter: i don't think there >> many said like many other will be any medals awarded for wronged wives, what she chooses to do is up to her, not the this engagement. maybe medallion status. media or public opinion. to many people, these soldiers have always been heroes. please leave the poor woman to many flying public members, alone. a tweet or tell us on they are more so heroes as a facebook and we'll read your result of that. thoughts later in the hour. [ manager ] you know... kiran and christine. >> martin savidge, thank you. everyone loves a good youtube rant that causes things to change. >> 56 minutes after the hour. top story is next. [ male announcer ] now, more than ever,
3:56 am
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america's secret war. i'm christine romans. according to "the new york times," the obama administration u.s. fighter jets and armed reportedly is so concerned about al qaeda rising to power. it is ramping up air strikes drones a covert war against with fighter jets and armed al qaeda in yemen. drones in yemen. "the new york times" reports that the obama administration is some house democrats now very concerned about the terror bailing on congressman anthony group getting organized and wiener after the most explicit rising to power there on this "american morning." sex yet hits the web. there are also reports that his wife is pregnant on this "mile good morning to you. thanks so much for being with us. an hour
3:59 am
it's thursday, june 9th. welcome to "american morning." good morning. it is thursday, june 9th. i'm kiran chetry. we've got christine romans with ali velshi is off today. >> good morning. us today. and ali velshi is back on nice to see you this morning. we are in a heat wave in much of vacation. >> he'll be back to report with us tomorrow. the united states reportedly the country and much of the eastern half of the country. ramping up air strikes against al qaeda in yemen. rob marciano out with some according to "the new york warnings for us. times" the obama administration first, the united states waging a covert war on militant reportedly conducting a covert targets using fighter jets and war in yemen according to "the armed drones. the goal -- to stop al qaeda new york times." the obama administration very from rising to power. >> barbara starr is live with us concerned about al qaeda being able to gain power in the middle at the pentagon and peter bern east country and is accelerating air strikes against militant join from us the washington targets. >> they are using fighter jets bureau. break down what you've been told this could mean. and drones to help keep the >> reporter: good morning to both of you. we know this is a covert war terror group from organizing. being led by the pentagon, by >> mohammed jamjoom has more u.s. military forces. some support from the intelligence community t cia, from abu dhabi this morning. but make no mistake, this is led by the u.s. military. >> what our government is later this morning leon panetta concerned about. will be on capitol hill for his >> the report underscores how concerned the united states is confirmation hearing as the new about al qaeda and the arabian secretary of defense.
4:00 am
yemen may emerge front and center. peninsula which has its hub in panetta has already told the committee in advance of the yemen. even though it is an hearing about his concerns about organization that only has about al qaeda in yemen. 700 to 1,000 members according let me read a little bit to you about what we have obtained to most analysis over there but about what he has said about all we heard earlier from defense of this. he's talking about aqap, secretary robert -- i'm sorry, al qaeda in the arabian c.i.a. director, leon panetta. peninsula. that is al qaeda in yemen mp he says, quote, aqap is intensely focused on conducting a new near-term attack against the united states and poses an immediate terrorist threat to u.s. interests and the homeland. al qaeda and its affiliate aqap really showing the level of are still actively plotting attacks with the principal goal concern about yemen, not just of successfully striking the political strike. if there is a civil war, what u.s. homeland. that is why this is so will al qaeda and the arabia important. al qaeda in the arabian peninsula has already proven it can reach out and touch inside peninsula be able to do? take over part of the country, the united states. launch more attacks? you only have to look at the in early may, we had confirmation from u.s. and 2009 christmas day so-called yemeni officials the u.s. had underwear bombing attack attempt operated drone strikes against
4:01 am
against that detroit airliner. vehicles they thought were aqap al qaeda in yemen backing carrying a radical cleric anwar that. that is why there is so much concern. that is why this covert war is ramping up. >> peter bergen, let me ask you about the president of the country, yemen's president is in saudi arabia recovering from al alaki. this report, not a surprise. surgeries because of being burned, shrapnel woonsd a we have known that the u.s. has been trying to go after al qaeda collapsed lung in an attack more and more. suffered last week. him being out of the country, >> mohammed, thanks. in libya, heavy fighting in the rebel-controlled city of misrata. moammar gadhafi's troops are attacking misrata with mortar fire from all sides. they have seen their share of blood shed. a doctor in misrata says 1,000 people have been killed, nearly 700 of them civilians. >> leon panetta can be set to face some questions. he is president obama's nominee to replace defense chief robert gates. gates is retiring at the end of the month. panetta is expected to be confirmed without much opposition.
4:02 am
it is only getting worse for congressman anthony wiener. a new fallout in that sexting scandal. "the new york times" is reporting that his wife, huma ab dean is pregnant. they also said congressman wiener called former president clinton to express his regret. >> an explicit photo of anthony wiener's anatomy is now there. he passed it around the studio as proof that it existed. opie explains how that went down on his youtube page. >> one of the video cameras that was on during the show today captured what was on andrew breitbart's phone as it was making its way around the room. it was ray to see who could tweet the picture the fastest. i think andrew breitbart is not too happy with us right now.
4:03 am
>> yes, that's true. breitbart is ensifting that he wasn't in on is and had no intention on releasing the photo. he showed it, because they were questioning whether he had it. >> he was passing it around the radio studio. now, fellow house democrats are bailing on congressman wiener on the record saying he should resign. including representative allison swartz. a leader of the party's campaign committee. >> this was a very personal decision as a member of congress. i was absolutely appalled when i heard about the behavior, actions of congressman wiener i think it is inappropriate behavior. it violates the confidence and trust that his constituents should have in him and i have called for his resignation. >> senate majority leader, harry reid, has said, he can't defend him. congressman wiener says, he is here to stay. coming up at 8:25, we will
4:04 am
speak with author elaine sciolino, studying seduction and its role in politics and society. we are going to talk to her about this run of powerful men that can't fight temptations. we will talk about the different sensibilities of the french and americans on these affairs of the heart. police believe an indiana university student who hasn't been seen since last friday is the victim of foul play. a search warrant was executed at the apartment complex of 20-year-old lauren spearer. she was last seen at 4:30 in the morning friday after she went to a bar with some friends. chloroform is now front and center in the murder trial of a young florida mother. casey anthony is charged with killing her 2-year-old daughter. yesterday, a forensics expert testified that he found 84 internet searches for chloroform and how to make it. it can knock someone unconscious and even kill them. witnesses testified that they
4:05 am
found chloroform in casey's car. listen to the other searches that software expert john bradley said he found in the defendant's computer. >> inhalation, death, self-defense, hand to hand combat, head injuries, middle underscore men energyal artery, ruptured sleep, chest trauma, internal bleeding, how to make chloroform. >> bradley created software that's now being used by police departments that detects search histories on computers even after the hard drive has been sweeped and cleansed. interesting. 600 square miles of arizona on fire. officials are telling residents of two towns in the path of this blaze, eager and springerville. it is time to leave. calmer winds today may let firefighters get a handle on this monster blaze. it has been burning out of control. 2000 people are now on the fire lines, 2000 of them, including
4:06 am
crews from as far away as new york state. they really need the weather to give them a break. we are in the midst of a heat wave across much of the country. rob marciano is tracking the extreme weather from stone mountain, georgia, this morning. hey, rob. good morning, guys. extreme heat across the southeast has been ongoing for a good week and a half. a big tourist attraction. people often come here to check ou the monument which is designed by the same guy that designed mount rushmore, this to on or some con federal rat generals. we caught up with them a little bit ago. already what do you think of the heat the pass the couple of weeks? >> i had to change to this time. >> reporter: you are coming earlier? >> yes. it is too much. it zaps your energy. i have to be here early. >> took extra water. third one this morning. >> i did it in the afternoon and it is unbearable. it is a lot easier right now.
4:07 am
>> reporter: there you go. if you can, choose to do your strenuous work or exercise in the morning or late evening. certainly, drink lots of water and wear light clothing. check out some of the high temperatures that we saw across the northeast yesterday. 99 degrees for the high at laguardia or 97 at laguardia. that's a record. newark, new jersey, seeing 99. baltimore, 99. these temperatures without humidity and measured in the shade. you can bet it felt a whole lot hotter than that. here is where the heat advisories are. up the turnpike through philadelphia and new york city. dangerously hot weather. we have had fatalities in maryland and tennessee with this heat. be careful and check on your neighbors, especially if they are elderly or may be ill. you were hot and now you are cool. flooding in the southwestern suburbs. be aware of that. no doubt, that's going to affect air travel.
4:08 am
this is the front that's been pushing slowly off to the east. now, it is draped over the southern great lakes where it will remain stormy. that storminess will eventually push off towards the northeast. that will cool you down, not today but tomorrow. none of this gets to the southeast. hazy, hot and humid conditions will continue across memphis, dallas and atlanta. another day of dangerous hot temperatures for the big cities across the northeast. this is unusual for this time of year to say the least. july and august, maybe yes. not the beginning and middle part of june. so try to stay cool. back up to you. >> thank you so much, rob. we are going to try to stay cool as we go on this big party. >> we are going to tailgate. >> we have carl petty joining us from nascar. it is the ultimate nascar's dream machine. this is interesting. your kid diagnosed with a ton of ear infections, adhd, behavioral disorders. we are going to be speaking to a
4:09 am
knew tr nutritionist who says there may be a connection between food sensitivity. we are looking at indecision among voters in nevada. that's a key battleground state. >> it is ten minutes past the hour. we will be right back. we're going to head on into the interview. mr. and mrs. nadimpalli... baba... what's the difference between the fusion and other hybrids? the look. yeah, it doesn't look like a box. we wanted a hybrid and we wanted... didn't want it to look like a hybrid. and ford hybrid was fantastic for that. what are your favorite uses for sync? movie listings for me. yeah, i do everything with it. who uses the navigation system the most between the two of you?
4:10 am
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♪ waking up in vegas this morning, 69 degrees, fair a little bit later, sunny and 95. that seems to be the forecast for most of the country today. >>. >> sunny and 95. all this week, cnn has been crisscrossing america conducting a listening tour with 17 months to go before the next presidential election. we are hearing one complaint over and over again. listen to ireporter, chelsea hensley at fairmont state university in west virginia.
4:13 am
>> a good economy equals job growth. considering i graduate college around the time of the 2012 election, jobs are a very important issue. >> she shares the sentiments of a lot of americans about jobs, especially in places like nevada. a record rate of home foreclosures and sky-high unemployment and an evenly split electorate. >> casey reporting live from henderson nevada. jobs, jobs, jobs. it has been the big center of a housing bust too. so they are really getting hit. >> that's right. you can see over my shoulder, the las vegas strip. that's what everybody thinks about when they think about nevada. that's where the tourists go. henderson, nevada's second largest city. they are very concerned about the economy. 1 out of every 82 homes in
4:14 am
southern nevada is in foreclosure. half of the home sales here are foreclosed homes. it is no surprise that the main thing on voter's minds here is the economy. >> travis ward and jamie miller work on a 30-passenger hummer limousine, a symbol of the las vegas fast life surrounded by a nevada economy that's hit the skids. >> it is just bad here. everything is slow. a lot of people are out of work. they did build too quick here and now people are leaving because there is no jobs. everything is empty. look at the lot here. >> reporter: there brake shop is the only business operating in the shopping center. >> if there are no cars coming in, i don't get no hours. how can i afford to pay for my kid? >> reporter: how will this impact your decision on who you vote for for president next year? >> it will impact it some. it is picking the lessor of two evils. i know i don't want obama in
4:15 am
there again. >> the only thing i can say i was happy about was finding osama out there. that was one thing he did keep his promise about. i enjoyed that. >> reporter: neither man has found a republican to support in 2012 but both say the economy here is so bad, they plan to leave soon. not so with these women on their lunch break from message therapist school. >> i am going to continue to vote for obama. >> reporter: why is that? >> because i don't think it is fair to take him down after he did all the hard work in our economy where we are now. >> i have been looking for a job for a year and a half. i think obama has done a good job, especially with what he walked into. am i going to vote for him? i don't know yet. >> i voted for barack obama. >> reporter: greg martin used to have a 5,000 square foot shop cutting parts for manufacturing companies. now, he is doing small jobs in his garage for a tiny fraction of the revenue. he doesn't like the president's
4:16 am
health care plan but he can't afford insurance. i am a small business. to get health insurance, it is really expensive. down the block, one of nevada's nation leading home foreclosures. >> i am not jun side down at this time but if it still goes the way it is, i will be. >> reporter: what are you going to do in 2012? >> i am undecided. >> nevada only has about 1.3 registered voters but to give you an idea about how closely contested this race is likely to be next year, 560,000 are democrats. 460,000 are republicans. 300,000 voters in nevada are nonpartisan or smaller parties. those are the swing voters that are going to be very much in play and from what we can tell, most of them haven't made up their minds yet. >> casey wian in henderson, nevada, thanks. be sure to join cnn monday night when seven gop candidates for president debate, monday
4:17 am
night 8:00 p.m. ooeastern and bright and early sunday morning, i will be there. only on cnn. good stuff. >> it is going to be good. i can't wait to see it. also, new bank fees. we seem to talk about a new fee coming out every day. they are finding new ways to get your money and some of them are shockingly annoying. we are going to tell you what to look out for. >> also, sex and power, seduction, intrigue. the hidden truth about the french way of life. how the french view the chase and how it is so different from the american view. that's coming up right after this. we need to do is change the way we're thinking about them. a couple decades ago, we didn't even realize just how much natural gas was trapped in rocks thousands of feet below us. technology has made it possible to safely unlock this cleanly burning natural gas. this deposits can provide us with fuel for a hundred years, providing energy security and economic growth
4:18 am
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4:21 am
22 minutes after the hour. minding your business this morning, citigroup confirms hackers may have accessed the online account information for about 210,000 citigroup customers. the attack happened back in may. other information like birth dates and social security numbers was not compromised. goldman sachs saying they are not aware of an investigation into dealings with libya. goldman sachs and other firms may have violated bribely laws. exxon saying they struck oil in the gulf of mexico yielding up to 700 million barrels. it is the first deep water exploration discovery since the bp disaster last year. right now, stock futures are pointing to a higher open ahead of today's jobless claims report. the dow, nasdaq, s&p 500, set to
4:22 am
bounce back. initial jobless claims. that report could push market movement. that comes out in just a few minutes at 8:30 a.m. the senate dealt a blow to the banking industry voting down a measure to delay capping fees on debit charges. the legislation would have pushed back the july deadline to cap the swipe fees. the vote is a big win for retailers who have born the brunt of charges for debit transitions. banks are charging customers for a few things they did not know about. some are charging you for talking to a human teller, forechanging your address and forgetting to tell your bank about it. asking for a paper statement to be mailed to your house, a charge for that and cashing in some loose change. be sure to read the fine print of your bank's policy. these hidden fees are multiplying. coming up after the brak e sex and power from dsk to around schwarzenegger and anthony
4:23 am
wiener. why men that lead get caught up in sex scandals. "american morning" back after the break. [ male announcer ] this is lara. her morning begins with arthritis pain. that's a coffee and two pills. the afternoon tour begins with more pain and more pills. the evening guests arrive. back to sore knees. back to more pills. the day is done but hang on... her doctor recommended aleve.
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congressman anthony wiener is facing more pressure to step down. his wife, they are reporting, is pregnant with their first child. the couple has been married for less than a year now. right now, another power player, ex imf chief, dominique strauss-kahn is waiting on charges of sexually assaulting a hotel maid. joining us now to talk about why men in power are getting into sex scandals, elaine sciolino. how would the french perceive
4:27 am
the anthony wiener stories? >> would this be a man's dalliances who are no business to the people that he works for? >> the french are still trying to absorb the dominique strauss-kahn scandal. to have another new york based scandal. you have normal people saying, do we need to know about this? >> we have a culture minister that wrote a memoir about paying for sex with men and boys in more ac coand thailand. the scandal broke and it went away. >> which is pretty emblematic of the differences of the public and how it is perceived. i want you to listen to something that happened on "the view." this is what the ladies of "the view" said. i think you she resign. >> he is so self-empowered, he
4:28 am
thinks it is good enough that he said i'm sorry for doing what i did. well, congratulations for being practical. that's what you are supposed to do. >> you got to go, anthony. good-bye. >> it is so interesting to me. in france, you sort of viewed as veerle and strong and a leader if you are a sa deucer. >> why is it? >> it is french history. if the kings were not viril and didn't produce children, they were not considered leaders. even dominique strauss-kahn was not considered to have a liability because he might have had a sexual past. >> then, there was a line that was crossed. what's happening in france now, especially among women, their
4:29 am
perception of dominique strauss-kahn and these different cultural standards. >> seduction is fun. it is playful when it is done well. this is an issue of criminality. did he commit a felony and did he abuse a woman sexually? this event has made the french realize it is a turning point now. it is open to conversation. where women are starting to say, hello, what is this behavior in the work place? >> french feminism is sort of been revived. >> you never use the word feminism. it is a bad word in france. >> the book is called la seductoin, the seduction. many times, it is the chase, the beauty of the chase and not
4:30 am
necessarily the conquest or the sex in the end. >> you know france and you know french, it has nothing to do with the result. it is all about process. it is all about the before and the after, the anticipation and the memory. it is something like the sex act is almost beside the point. >> it is one of the reaps why you see these misunderstandings between these two countries. it is a very different way of looking at things, part of the whole french aesthetic of beauty. thank you so much for joining us. very nice to see you this morning. >> thank you. we are crossing the half hour. time for our top stories. "the new york times" reporting this morning that the u.s. is conducting a covert war against al qaeda operatives in yemen using fighter jets and armed drones to step up air strikes against militant targets to keep the terrorist group from organizing and from gaining power. >> get out while you can. arizona fire officials delivering that message to
4:31 am
people in two towns, eager and springerville, directly in the path of a monster wild fire. it has already torched 600 square miles. calmer winds may help crews finally get a handle on that fire. it has been burning out of control until now. a dangerously close call for 77 air force rotc cadettes. struck by lightning while training at camp shelby in mississippi. the cadettes were taken to the hospital. officials say they are all responsive and all in stable condition. >> this morning, we are feeling the heat. rob marciano tracking extreme weather from stone mountain, georgia. this is going to be one for the record books, i think. >> yeah. it is starting to get steamy out here, guys. the sun is up and started to bake the ground, bake the granite behind me. the largest exposed piece of granite in the world. a little engraving of jefferson davis, stone wall jackson and general lee. a lot of people out here
4:32 am
exercising. they climb this thing. they are trying to do it before the heat of the day really builds. atlanta, not the only place that is seeing excessive heat and dangerous levels of ozone and pollution because of the trapped heat in the city. check out the numbers for daytime highs that broke records yesterday, baltimore, newark, syracuse, new york city and binghamton. all into the '90s. some close to 100 degrees. these temperatures measured in the shade without humidity. in the sun, it felt hotter than that. heat warnings an advisories are up along the i-95 corridor from d.c. through philadelphia up to new york city for one more day until the rains and cooler weather come through tomorrow. speaking of, here is a look at what's coming down in chicago. chicago, record-breaking heat the past couple of days. flash flooding occurring right now in some of the suburbs southwest of chicago. these storms with heavy rain will continue to rumble across
4:33 am
chicagoland. the northern part is pushing east with cooler air. the southern part is not making much progress to the south. it is kind of dragging there. everybody in the southeast will remain, hazy, hot, and humid, really, until september. 92, the high in atlanta. 96 in new york. yesterday and today, cooler and less humid, a little bit, in atlanta than it was in new york city. look at how the temperatures will drop. chicago, 65. tomorrow, in new york city, you will struggle to get to 80. temperatures across the southeast over the next couple of days, again, will remain in the dangerous category. we have already had a couple, four related deaths to the heat in tennessee and maryland. check on your neighbors. get to cooling centers. drink lots of water. especially in the cities, guys, with all the concrete and pollution and ozone layers built up, air quality is bad. if you are going to do any sort of strenuous activity, you have to go and make the doughnut, so to speak but try to take a lot of breaks and drink lots of
4:34 am
water and wear light clothing and just get through it. middle of june and we are not even into the dog days and it has started there. say hi to kyle petty. i got to interview him last year. he will be a fun little segment. >> the movie theaters are full and the playgrounds are empty. that's the way it should be today in new york. >> if you are going to tailgate, you better do it inside a huge monster air conditioned facility, which is what we have down stairs. the new $105 million glass staircase in franklin's county courthouse has an unfortunate side effect. >> if you are using the steps, you are subject to being viewed from underneath. >> that's brilliant. >> apparently, folks can see up a woman's skirt if they are in the walkway underneath. >> a judge there is now urging women who wear skirts to take the elevator instead. the county leaders are discussing what, if anything,
4:35 am
should be done to change the stairs. >> i don't know if that's an architecture story, a budget story or just a huh story. we are following a lo the of new developments in the anthony wiener sexting scandal. six new democrats are saying it is time for him to go. >> "the new york times" is reporting adding another element to this, his wife is pregnant. that brings us to the question of the day. what would you do if you were anthony wiener's wife? >>
4:36 am
thanks for your comments. we have an interesting segment coming up. if you are a parent that worries about your child's behavior. the hidden connection between food and your child's well-being. it is what a nutritionist and author is talking about in her new book, "what's eating your child." she will join you go coming up. many could go up, nascar royalty, kyle petty, is going to drop by with his ultimate tailgating machine. these are live pictures. those are our sausages that we are about to eat. just a few minutes. that's helping drive the future of business. in here, inventory can be taught to learn. ♪ machines have a voice. ♪
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♪ atlanta, georgia, partly cloudy. later, going up to a high of 92 degrees. our next guest has written a bo book, a must-read for parents. food sensitivities from a variety of childhood ailments. she has important advice for parents. the book is called, "what's eating your child" author and nutritionist kellydo dorfman jos us. >> how did you discover this connect? >> i was looking at nutrition in a deeper way. we all think of you are what you eat but what does that mean
4:41 am
practically. >> what are some of the biggest links that you found for children, especially when it comes to behavioral problems? >> well, with behavioral problems, the brain is mostly fat. so the kind of fat that children eat literally determines the kind of brain that they structure. so the kind of fats is very important. fish oils turns out to be a very important, the kind of fots that are in fish oil turns out to be very important for brain development for example. >> one of the things that is difficult for parents of young kids. mine are three and five. getting them to eat things that are good for them and figuring out what they are having too much of and not enough of. how in the heck do you use fish oil? >> they make it so tasty that some of it tastes like pudding. it is not like your grandmother's oil. they have don juan der full things with chewables. >> i want to ask you what you mean by food sensitivity.
4:42 am
it doesn't mean you are ainjullc to a certain food but each child may have sensitivities. >> they know define allergies as histamine reactions. if you have a headache or joints are hurting that, could be a food sensitivity or reaction. >> how do you go about figuring out whether your child is diagnosed with a behavioral problem or you notice sleep problems or recurrence ear infections. how do you narrow down what element of your kids' diet could be contributing to it. >> that's an excellent question. the first thing is to become aware of what they are actually eating. most parents think their children are eating better than they are. they don't mean to give them junk food but you get busy and running around. more crackers and bars handing out. write down what the child is really eating for a couple of days. take a look at it. see if it was something that would make you feel good if you ate it. >> after you keep this food
4:43 am
diary, you also say to trust your instinct. what do you mean about that? >> i say, do you think dairy could be a problem? >> oh, i thought that. parents lack the confidence to follow their instincts. nutritional intervention can't hurt. >> if your pediatrician says milk is fine, foods containing gluten is fine. >> pediatricians are good for medical problems but most lack training in nutrition. i don't talk to my plumber about my electrical system. you want to find a pediatrician trained in nutrition or a nutritionist specialist that knows about the area. >> what are the biggest foods to look out for that potentially could cause problems? >> the two foods that come up a lot of gluten-based an casein, a
4:44 am
complicated protein. it is rare to have peas to be a problem. usually, foods that you are eating a lot of that have complicated proteins. >> we are going to link up with our website, more information that people can find. something that is hard for parents to tackle. thank for breaking it down for us. kel kelly dorfman. nascar has a brand new ultimate tailgating vehicle. we are going to take you unside with carl petty, nascar royalty. 45 minutes past the hour. even making parts for solar panels that harness the sun's energy... working on social activities like clean up programs on beaches in many locations... and regional replanting activities that will help make a better world for all of us. ♪
4:45 am
one team. one planet bridgestone.
4:46 am
47 minutes after the hour. "the new york times" reporting that the u.s. is conducting a covert war in yemen to keep the terrorist group from organizing and gaining power. another nominee on the hot seat today, senate confirmation hearing on leon panetta's confirmation to be defense secretary. he is the president's choice to replace robert gates. six house democrats are now saying it is time for congressman anthony wiener to go because of his sexting. "the new york times" now reporting that his wife is pregnant. markets open in 45 minutes. right now, they are poised to bounce back slight sli following
4:47 am
six straight days of losses. the dow, nasdaq and s&p futures are up. damaging evidence against a young florida mother accused of kill her 2-year-old daughter. a computer forensics expert says he found 84 searches for chloroform. a wild fire in eastern arizona, 600 square miles have already burned. calmer winds may help fire crews today, planning to make a special 747 jet to make water drops on the monster wild fire. the dog days of june, the pre-summer scorcher continues today with temperatures closing in on 100 degrees for much of the east. the dangerous heat wave expected to break tomorrow. you are caught up on the day's headlines. "american morning" is back aft break with former nascar driver, kyle petty and nascar's brand new ultimate tailgating vehicle. host: could switching to really save you fifteen percent
4:48 am
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4:52 am
>> here we are outside. we have kyle petty with us. this is called the ultimate tailgating vehicle. the utv. what is this? >> this is everything you want in a parking lot at a racetrack, beer kegs, tvs, video games, satellite radio, observation deck on top, a nice clean bathroom. a place to lay down when you have had too many befrms. >> we are going to take you inside to show you all of the acue trimentes inside. tell us what's going on here. >> you have a tv out here where you can watch the race. if you want to play the race, obviously, we have the nascar game, which is pretty cool. all the trinkets and trash, the
4:53 am
satellite radio. >> you are at the game and you can watch the race and watch the standings and results and play video games. >> you can watch the pocono race on tnt right there on that tv and play the race. >> kyle, i have to say, on the side of this, you also have your built-in grill. this is amazing. >> we have a grill. >> this thing is attached to the ultimate tailgating vehicle. >> i'm sorry. the cook does not come with it. we will deliver this if you win it. they are giving it away on go to to register to win this thing. these guys are going to deliver it to whoever the winner is. they are counting on a party whenever they deliver it. >> this is bigger than most new york city apartments. >> go ahead and show them what it looks like inside this thing?
4:54 am
>> show me. >> we have an outside keg. >> you always need two taps. we have an outside and an inside tap. a little counter if you want to play bartender. >> fridge. >> refrigerator. another tv. we have to have another tv. >> when you are not watching the race, you are watching the race. >> nice little couch right here. nice little sleeping area. >> you could technically sleep one, two, three, four there. >> at a racetrack, you could sleep 20 in there. >> all the dishes, microwave. what is this? ice machine. ice machine. what is a tailgating vehicle without an ice machine? >> this could be yours. >> two additional refrigerators here, storage, sink and a clean restroom. that's all you need. >> by the way, this is not working. so we have to get to the other. >> we will make the taps work as soon as we go off air.
4:55 am
>> we thought there was going to be cool beer in there. >> this speaks to the enthusiasm for nascar fans, doesn't it? >> people come to the nascar race and they camp a lot. they will be at the race on a wednesday or a thursday. this is the thing where they go in, they watch qualifying, you watch practice on tnt and go out and have a couple, cook something, go back in and watch the nationwide race or the truck race. on sundays, sleep in and sleep late and have one and come on in. >> when you are a fan of nascar, you feel like these are your guys. the fans actually get a chance to meet the racers. >> that's the funny part about nascar. the drivers are really accessible. they stay at the racetracks. they are there all the time, make appearances for the different sponsors. coca-cola, whoever that may be. they are always at the racetrack. we have a cover of flag poles. >> you are still riding but you are riding a motorcycle.
4:56 am
tell me about the money you are doing for kids? >> we do a ride called the kyle petty charity ride for kids across american. we have given away $14 million for different charities. we have a camp in north carolina called victory junction, for children with chronic and life-threatening illnesses. we built it in memory of our son, adam, that was killed 11 years ago. the ride is instrumental in helping to build the camp. >> it is wonderful. >> tell us what we can expect at the pocono 500. >> i pick kasey kahne this week. i have to admit. i went out a little bit on a limb. this is the first tnt race. we do six races, pocono, michigan, san know na, daytona and new hampshire and then kentucky, which is a new race for us for the nascar deal and turner and tnt puts a lot of efforts in these six races. poe q pocono should be a really good
4:57 am
race. >> what about the heat wave we have been going through? >> what do you do? >> a couple of weeks ago, greg biffle, the ambient temperature inside the car was 140. he had his cool box. it was blowing 100-degree air in his face. it gets 130, 140 degrees inside a car. it is hard on those guys. they have to hydrate a lot. >> let's go back to the grill. let's see what we are going to have for breakfast with kyle petty. >> everybody wants a brat for breakfast. >> good protein to start your tay. a little bit of salt. >> remind us how somebody can win this. >> go to, ultimate tail gate vehicle. they are going to give it away after the last race the summer series, ending in kentucky. they will go online. they register, win the thing. these guys, as i said, will deliver it to your house. you don't even have tro come
4:58 am
out. maybe they will deliver it right back here in front of this. >> i can't think of any other sport that has this kind of fan participation. >> it is crazy. because the fans come out in droves and they are loyal to their drivers. >> kyle petty, nice meeting you. >> the tailgate begins right now for us. kyra, sorry you can't be here. >> thanks, ladies. you are talking to one of my favorite members of race car families. i'm a big nas car fan, guys. i'm a little jealous there. both of you give him a kiss on each cheek.
4:59 am
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